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"Making a place feel like home, or becoming at home in a space, is for me about being mutable.  I think fondly of Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. How important it is, especially for women, to claim that space, to take up that space through what one does with one's body.  And so when I am at my table, I am also claiming that space, I am becoming a writer by taking up that space."   Sara Ahmed




I am an associate professor of English, and I am currently serving as interim associate dean of the Honors College at the University of Southern Mississippi. I teach first-year to graduate-level writing courses, and I teach the honors curriculum. My research interests include legal discourse analysis, basic writing pedagogies, social and cognitive linguistics in literacy politics, and the ways space and locale can influence writers, their identities, and their texts. I have published in College English, Pedagogy, and College Composition and Communication, and I am currently working on a research project dedicated to exploring purposes and histories of writing instruction stemming from integration and Open Admissions.

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